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Welcome to my new guest virtual booking experience. If you're here you're probably looking for something new, perhaps you're on the hunt for a hairdresser who possesses the skills and educations to help you find a feature complementing cut and color that fits your lifestyle. 

If so, you're in the right place, your experience with me starts right here from the comfort of your own home. Please take a moment to fill out my new client form. This will compile all the necessary information needed to ensure I have a full understanding of your hair history. 

Currently, I offer in-salon services Wednesdays 1-7 pm, Thursdays 11-5 pm, Fridays and Saturdays 9-3 pm. Take a moment to confirm my schedule and my pricing fits your needs.

Thank you for considering me as your next hairdresser, know my greatest passion is helping you realize your hair dreams. I hope to see you soon!
Book a Virtual
Got question? Looking for a price quote?  Book a virtual consultation with me which will provide us the opportunity to discuss your hair goals, your budget restrictions, and what it will take to achieve your desired look.
This will give us the chance to evaluate if we are the right fit for one another before proceeding on to booking an appointment. 
I also offer virtual q&a for those who have in-depth questions and concerns about their hair, online health hair strategy sessions, and virtual step by step for guests seeking styling and product application coaching.  
Virtual Consultation

Commonly Asked Questions & FAQS

What will the cost of my service be?

My pricing is a la cart, check out my service menu for starting prices on all services I offer in the salon. For a more detailed price quote book your virtual consultation.

What is the best way for me to contact you?

Email or book a  virtual call, calls are scheduled and emails are returned when I am not with clients. Text messaging not available.

What if I need to pick up more product or need recommendations for new products?

Fill out my product request form

I want to make a big change but don't know what to book?

Big changes can sometimes require multiple appointments, the cost can vary greatly. If pricing is a concern please book a virtual consultation prior to booking. Consultations are available virtually.

How many sessions will I need to achieve my desired goal?
There is no direct answer to this. It all depends on how well your hair wants to lift and what your goals are. After our first session, I will have a better idea as to how many appointments will be required.

Can I book without a Finish Style?

Styling services are required, seeing your hair dry provides me the opportunity to customize your finished look and plan for next time. 

I want a curly cut what should I book?

Select service option Specialized Curly Haircut. Find out how to prepare for your Curly Cut

I heard you specialize in curly hair what does this mean?

I am a Deva Certified stylist which means I specialize in working with curly hair of all types. Curly cuts start on dry hair and you will leave fully dry and curl with a complete understanding of which product works best to create a frizz-free, well-moisturized end result.

I want highlights and my hair fully colored what should I book?

Select the Color and Highlights service.

Can I book with you and another service provider?

Unfortunately, I require all services to be booked with me only for same-day services. Our salon is diverse and we all book differently. Booking with 2 different service providers can cause scheduling conflicts.

Should I come with dirty hair?

Having dirty hair can keep your color from fully penetrating causing inconsistent results when it comes to color. Please come to your appointment with clean, dry hair.


How should I wear my hair to my next haircut?

I recommend coming to your haircut appointment with your hair worn down and styled in its most common form. Seeing your hair how you wear it tells me more than you could ever describe. 

Can I pay with a check?

I unfortunately only take cash or card

Luscious Lips

Can't find the date you're looking for?

Please fill out my appointment request form, which acts as a cancellation list. If you desire an appointment sooner than later and cancellation occurs I will contact you directly. I have a 6-week booking window to limit clients forgetting services booked too far in advance, filling out my form below will ensure you're the first to know when your desired appointment date becomes available for booking. 

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