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Understanding My Menu

Before booking online learn a little more about how to select the best service to fit your needs.

All my service are non gendered and non age specific and charged based on average time spent.

Total services cost is determined by accounting for each individual service provided. Meaning if you desired look requires blond foils or balayage to lighten things plus a root color between your foils to cover up those grays in addition to the finish option of either a style or cut then your total service cost will reflect an individual charger per service.

Scissor WorkA Luxury cut experience that includes in-depth haircare, styling, and product education 


$156+Curl Cut and Style 1.5 hrs.

$104+Haircut and Style  1 hrs.

$26+  Bang Trim | Beard Trim 15 min.

(Flat iron, curling iron, and additional time + $26 per 15 minutes

Color Refresh--Single color global application services

108+ Color Balance 1.25 hrs.

Roots to ends color application ideal when wanting a color change and lots of fading has occurred.

New Guest select this option

85+ Root Retouch 1.25 hrs.

Roots only great option when rotated every other time with a color balance.

75+ Express Touch Up 1 hr

 Ideal for quick growing graying clients

Foil and Blonding- Dimensional color application broken down by sections of the head

Foil | Balayage 1.25 hrs+

100 +| 132+ Face Frame

Keep your hairline bright to camouflage grays regrowth and keep things light and bright around the face. Ideal for those looking to maintain a fresh look but like to stretch their previous full foil or balayage service.


132+|165 Partial 1.25-1.5 hrs+

Strategically includes the most visible areas along the part line, sides, and crown. Ideal for those who keep up on their color regularly and have had a past  full foil or balayage service. 

165+| +200 Full 1.5-2.5 hrs +

Covers hairline to  nape providing moderate to high coverages a strategically placing light and/or dark pieces globally to achieve a full dimensional look.** Ideal for New Guest who have never sat in my chair and or those wanting go 3+ months between services 

Max Blonde 2.5 - 3.5 hrs hrs+

Retouch | Foil


Transformational work intended for those looking to be as light and bright as possible. Recommend to be combined with a root shadow to maximize time between services. Maintenance 4-8 weeks w/shadow 6- 12 weeks

Corrective Color, Vivid, and Roots to Ends Blonding 3+hrs

$140 / hrs.

Applicable when 3+ hrs of work is needed to achieve your desired end result.

Luxury Add Ons   intended to accompany the above mentioned service offerings. Meant maintain the overall health  and well being of the hairs conditioner and color grow out. 

Base Break | Root Shadow 30 mins


Provides a more natural looking grow out, maximizes length of time between visits. Can extend time between color touch ups

3-6 weeks

Hairline Foil  45 mins


Just a few strategically placed foils for grey blending meant to accompany color refresh service to maximize grey blending. Can extend time between color touch up 2-4 weeks

Gloss | Vivid 30 - 45 mins

50+ | 70+

Meant to add or remove unwanted tones  in the hair  and/or  refresh color fading. Can be added on to any color service or booked as an in between color refresh option. Can extend time between color touch ups an additional 3-6 weeks

Treat 1 Step | Treat 2 Step 15-30 mins

40+ | 60+ 

Can be added on or booked as a stand alone to maximize scalp and hair health. Highly recommend for supporting color and maintaining long healthy hair.

Scalp | Clarifying Treatment


Helps manage build up, while purifying and deep clean the  hair and scalp.

Virtue 60 ku Bond Building Treatment

30 / dose

When added to your color its acts as a treatment minimizing damage and rebuild the integrity of fragile hair during the color process.

Style Work

Blow Out | Curl Styling  45 mins


Intended to booked as a stand alone or finish service to your color when not booking a cut. 

(Flat iron, curling iron, and additional time + $26 per 15 minutes

Formal Bridal Style 1 -1.5 hrs 

104+ | 156+

Special occasion hair, braiding. pinning, and curling. Please reference my On Location Services page for more info of formal styling services.


All services booked are subject to my 48-hour cancellation policy click here to learn more. Payments method accepted: Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express. Checks are not accepted. Appointments requiring more than 2.5 hours of time will require a credit card to book and cancellation terms will apply. 

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