Service Options.

Scissor Work

**All haircut services include a shampoo cleanse, custom condition, relaxing massage, and a finish style unless otherwise noted. 

Women's Cut (1 hour)                93+

Upgrade your service:

+15 for hot tool finish  

+15 for a simple braid


Curly Cuts (1.5hrs)                    148+

Ideal for clients who intend to wear their natural curl on a regular basis. ** must come with clean, air-dried, detangled curls worn down the day of service

Includes in-depth style education on my 3 step style process

Men's Cut (45 mins.)                    68+

Upgrade your service:

+25 Men's reshade grey blending wash

+15 Beard Trim

Bang Trim/Neck Trim (15 min)   15+

**Includes quick style finish for bangs only

Custom Finish

Blown Out (45 mins)                    48+

Upgrade your service:

+15 for hot tool finish  

+15 for a simple braid

Wear it Natural (45mins)             48+

Using a 3 step styling method your natural curls will be transformed from dry and frizzy to well-moisturized frizz free locks. 

Upgrade your service:

+25 A curl hydrating hair masque

Quick Change (30mins)               33+

Add simple curl, straighten wave, or a quick braid to upgrade your already polished style.

*Clients must come with clean, dried, and blown out hair 

Color Variation 

***Color service prices and times do not include the cost of a finish style additional time and additional cost will occur to your service total

Face Frame Foil (1h )                                  90+
Includes one light or dark tone in foils strategically placed along the part line and hairline.
Partial Foil (1.25 hours)                           120+
Includes one light or dark tone in foils though out top and sides.
** Addition cost for multiple tones
Full Foil (1.5hours+)                               150+
Includes one light or dark tone in foils throughout top, sides, and back.
** Addition cost for multiple tones 

Double Foil (2 hours+)                      180+

Max foiling for those that want the brightest of blonde with maximum coverage roots to ends

** Addition cost for multiple tones

Painted Balayage (1.75 hours)            180+
Ideal for clients that desire a custom-tailored multi-dimensional color that enhances naturally occurring color variation with a soft grow out.
** Addition cost for multiple tones
Full Blonde and Tone (1.5 hours+)     150+
For the iciest of blondes think Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, or Christina Aguilera custom toned to your desired hue. 
** Addition cost for multiple tones 
Pamper Your Locks

Scalp Wellness Treatment        30

Removes hard, water, chlorine, copper, and other impurities from the deepest layers of your hair fiber.

Indulgent Hair Masque                30

Deeply moisturizing indulgent masque that will rehydrate, strengthen, and add shine leaving behind supple, soft, frizz-free locks. 

Kerastase Fusio Dose                  40

 Custom blended color extending instant treatment meant to restore your shine, density, strength, and moisture in just 5 minutes. last 4-6 weeks

Bond Pro.                                   50

Bond Building Post Color Treatment

2 Step Indulgent Treatment         60

 A reparative two-step treatment that revitalizes and deeply nourishes hair fibers leaving the hair strengthened and reinforced to prevent future breakage. 

Add a blow out to any treatment or service  starting at 48+

Something Fancy 

*Clients must come with clean, dried, and blown-out hair.

Styled Down (1 hour)                  78+

Includes a curling iron set, simple fringe braiding, and basic fringe pinning techniques

Styled Up (1hour)           88+

Includes a curling iron set, intricate braiding, and intricate pinning techniques

Just for the Bride (1.5 hours)  138+

Includes a curling iron set, braiding, pinning for both up and down styles, veil placement, and the addition of any hair jewelry 

On Location
Whether it's your wedding day, a girls night out, or another one of life's special moments book me for your on location event. 
Painted Canvas

Color Balance (1h )              98+

Single process color custom mixed to fit your personal style, cover your gray hairs, and give balance from roots to ends.

Color Refresh (1 hour)                  78+

Single process color customized to blend with your existing color, cover or camouflages gray's, ideal for men or women. 

  **Does not shine gloss included

Express Retouch (1 hour)             68+

Ideal for clients who are 50%-100% gray who need a hairline touch up after 2-3 weeks of growth 

  ** Does not include shine gloss.

Root Shadow/Base Break           58+

 Soften new growth and extend the life of highlight for our blonde bombshells. 

Refreshing Gloss (30 Mins)          48+

Custom mixed translucent color meant to add shine, improves hair's texture and neutralizes unwanted tone

Corrective Color          $120 Per Hour
Appropriate for anyone looking to make a significant change that may require multiple services to achieve desired look.  

All services booked are subject to my 48-hour cancellation policy click here to learn more. Payments method accepted: Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express. Checks are not accepted. Appointments requiring more than 2.5 hours of time will require a credit card to book and cancellation terms will apply. 

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